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7 Deadly Legal Mistakes
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"7 Deadly Legal Mistakes That Cost Entrepreneurs Thousands" is a FREE online mini-course that helps business owners detect and avoid common legal mistakes.  Learn how to minimize the risks that are within your control, and avoid conflicts that can land you in litigation, or worse. In the long run, you will save thousands on legal fees!

If you are a professional who provides services for businesses, the e-course will teach you how to spot legal "landmines", which you can then help clients avoid. Clients save money, and you become indispensable to them.

This course is sent in 7 separate emails over 24 days and you will learn how to avoid:

  • mishaps with business partners
  • intellectual property blunders
  • hidden pitfalls when raising investment money
  • the real risks with employees, and more!

Each session is highlighted with actual Real Life Horror Stories that our clients have gone through.  Learn from their mistakes and avoid unnecessary pain, expense and distraction from your business!

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Stephen T. Furnari, Esq.


Managing partner of the Corporate & Securities Services Group


Business owners and financial professionals hire Stephen Furnari because his success story parallels their own - creating something from nothing. Beyond a keen understanding of the legal issues that growing companies face, through his many business dealings he has experienced the bumpy road of business ownership; the sleepless nights of uncertain cash flow; the quest for investment capital; partner relations strained by diverging viewpoints; and vendors, consultants or rainmakers who attempt to prey on cash-poor companies.


Stephen is an entrepreneur, an investor in high-growth businesses, and also a lawyer.  He helps young and growing companies avoid the common legal mistakes that can derail their dreams and prevent them from accomplishing their financial goals.


Far more valuable than any document a lawyer can produce, his role as advisor, mentor and sounding-board is the reason why his clients have helped him shape a thriving referral-based practice that caters to entrepreneurs and visionaries.


Furnari Scher LLP is a law firm where entrepreneurs, growing companies and the investors who fund them can find sophisticated legal representation performed by lawyers who are also entrepreneurs.


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